Keeping Your Skin Hydrated with Orogold

orogold cosmetics 24k classic collection

Happy Wednesday! Keeping your skin hydrated is so important as the colder temperatures arrive. Today I am back with my third and final fall skincare post with Orogold Cosmetics. In my first two posts I highlighted the sensitive skin collection, complete with serums, face and eye creams and a daily cleanser. But today, I am featuring four products from the 24K White Gold Collection. As much as I love the sensitive skin collection for my face, I am completely smitten by the body butter, hand cream, body scrub and body oil.

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Fall Skincare with Orogold: Serums & Eye Cream

orogold cosmetics sensitive skincare collection

Happy Wednesday, friends! I am back today with the second post in my fall skincare mini-series with Orogold Cosmetics. If you missed the first post featuring the cleanser, facial cleansing brush and hydrating moisturizer, you can see that here. I’m moving on to share with you a sensitive skin eye cream and serum I incorporate into my skincare routine for fall to prepare for the cooler temperatures.

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Fall Skincare with Orogold

fall skincare with orogold daily cleanser and facial brush

There has been a lot of talk about the change of seasons with fashion and food lately on A Blonde’s Moment. But what about skincare for the fall? As the temperatures begin to get cooler, there are also adjustments that need to be made to your skincare routine. In a new mini-series, I am sharing what I have been incorporating into my skincare routine to prepare for the colder, drier months with Orogold Cosmetics. Let’s kick off the Fall Skincare with Orogold series with the聽sensitive skin cleanser聽and facial brush.

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Summer Beauty Round-up and Review

summer beauty round-up and review

With summer nearing it’s end, I wanted to round-up and review some of the beauty products I have been trying out for the past few months. There are a few things that I have been absolutely loving recently and some products that have been just alright. From makeup to skincare to hair products, here is a summer beauty round-up and review!

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Spring Favorites

Spring Fashion and Beauty Favorites

Happy Friday Eve, friends! Did this week go crazy fast, or was it just me?! A little bit of a different kind of post for today — it’s something I’ve been wanting to compile for awhile now and I’m finally getting around to it. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite finds of spring and giving a full review on some new beauty products that I have tried and fell in love with. I’m hoping to share posts like this more often — I’m thinking every other month? — so stay tuned for more. Without further ado, let’s start the reviews!

drybar Triple Sec Review


drybar Triple Sec: A relatively recent discovery that I use almost daily, this “3-in-1” formula can seriously work wonders on your hair. This product promises to texturize, amplify and refresh and they aren’t kidding. I’ve been limiting my days with my flat iron since January so I’ve been wearing my hair in curls a lot more often. I spray a little of this on in the morning — on both sides of my head and in the back — before curling my hair and the amount of volume I get is amazing. I’m mean “big hair don’t care”. Not only does this spray give you some serious volume, it is also a clear dry shampoo that effectively absorbs oils. Oh, and the best part: the smell is amazing. Think amber, coconut and vanilla. My mom tried some the other week and the first thing she commented on was the scent. As she said, you don’t even need to wear perfume when you spray this, it’s that good! Since I am in the middle of a lot of traveling, I knew I wouldn’t want to be away from it for too long, so I just bought the travel size, too. The travel size is also great if you are interested in trying it out. Once you fall in love with it, you can move onto the standard size 馃檪
Elizabeth Arden Liquid Highlighter Review

IT Cosmetics Bronzer Review


Elizabeth Arden Illuminating Liquid Highlighter c/o: I had been looking for a highlighter to try since the beginning of the year and hadn’t had much luck. Personally, highlighter isn’t something I wear everyday, but mostly when getting dressed up or for special occasions. I will say that when I first opened the jar, I was a little worried. It seemed a little too gold for me and I was afraid that it would appear “cakey”. But wow, was I wrong! What is so great about this highlighter is that it’s definitely buildable. The first time I used it, I was super cautious when applying and didn’t add that much to the tops of my cheeks. But as I got more comfortable with it, I realized that it added the perfect amount of shimmer. With it’s unique mesh touch dispenser, you can easily apply the highlighter not only to your cheek bones but also to your eyebrow bones for added shimmer. The only disadvantage I can think of is that it is unfortunately a limited edition item so be sure to scoop yours up fast. I’m hoping Elizabeth Arden decides to restock this highlighter, it’s quickly becoming a favorite. 

IT Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow Instant Nude c/o: I’m sure you know by now that I’m a huge fan of IT Cosmetics products. After discovering the brand almost one year ago, I have continued to use several of their products daily {my top two favorites that I use every single day: Bye Bye Under Eye – I wear “light” – and the Superhero Mascara}. I was anxious to try their bronzers because in the past, bronzers have been difficult for me to wear. My skin is super fair, most bronzers I try make me look orange. Not a good look! I have been using this bronzer in the “instant nude” shade and have really liked the results. When I swipe the brush across the palette, I’ve been stopping before I get to the darkest color since my face hasn’t got too much sun yet. And if you are looking for a great brush to use when applying the bronzer, this one-step brush is the one I have pictured here.
Cute Converse Slip On Sneakers
Original post HERE

Gold New Balance Sneakers
Original post HERE


Converse Slip On Sneakers & Gold New Balance Sneakers: Sneakers have been my go-to lately. I don’t know if it’s the rise in athleisure clothing or the comfort factor, but I have been finding all new ways to style sneakers that use to be outside my comfort zone. The gold New Balance sneakers are a few years old {but are still in stock!} and they were my first pair of “dressy” sneakers. I have plenty of tennis shoes and running shoes, but with the retro style and gold details, it was easy to pair these with casual weekend outfits like jeans and even dresses. The slip on Converse sneakers are a more recently purchase and I wear them any chance I get. As I mentioned yesterday, I love wearing red, white and blue during the warmer months and these sneakers are the perfect accessory for nautical clothing. And you can’t beat the slip on style!
Lip Slip by Sara Happ Review


the lip slip by sara happ one luxe gloss: If you have been following along for awhile, you probably already know that I love lipstick and lipgloss and one of my favorite past times is matching my lip color to my outfit! This spring, I’ve been wearing a lot of nude colors on my lips — my two favorite are Kim KW {a creamy, light blush} and YSL #48 {soft beige} — and I always like to wear a gloss over my lipstick, especially when it’s a lighter shade. I just bought this lipgloss the other weekend and have worn it just about everyday since. It is so universal — wear it by itself during the day, over your favorite lipstick or even put it on before bed to hydrate you lips. Worn recently on the blog HERE.
Cute Spring Dress Nordstrom
Original post HERE

Cute Spring Midi Dress Nordstrom
Original post HERE


Orange Swing Dress & Coral Midi Dress: I’ve always been a dress girl, but this spring, I’ve been wearing them a ton! Since we have had a pretty mild spring, I was able to break out the spring and summer dresses a little earlier than usual. This orange dress has quickly become one of my favorite purchases from this season — I’m so excited to wear it again this weekend when we go out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary! Not only is the swing style light and fun, I love the pleats and of course the bell sleeves. This coral midi dress was a favorite dress from last summer and I was so thrilled that it came back in stock this year — and in more colors! The length, color and cut are all perfect for transitioning from a day at work to date night. With it’s price tag of $68, you can’t beat this staple spring dress.
No7 Day Lotion Review

Shea Moisture Hand & Body Scrub Review

Purity One-Step Facial Cleansing Cloths Review


Last, but not least, a few of my favorite skincare products I have found, tried and loved during the spring season:

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Lotion: I have been using the same moisturizer/moisturizing oil and foundation for a few years now. As I have mentioned before, with super sensitive skin, I tend to stick to what I know works instead of branching off and trying new things that could give my skin a bad reaction. With all the traveling I have this spring, I was looking for a travel-friendly moisturizer to replace my oil {I never have luck when traveling with liquids and I knew a glass bottle filled with oil could be a disaster!}. I was at Target the other week picking up other travel supplies when I discovered this day cream. It’s hypo-allergenic and good for normal to dry skin so I figured I would give it a try. I also picked up this Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil to replace my usual oil for when I am home since I was almost out. Can you believe I have used this No7 oil everyday since?! I typically get a reaction when I switch up products but it never happened with this day cream or oil. My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using both of these products, I was truly shocked by the results! I will definitely be re-purchasing both the cream and oil again.
Shea Moisture Hand and Body Scrub: Speaking of moisture, I first discovered this brand from my blogger friend Jalisa. After her rave reviews, I decided to give it a try. I went with this extra moisturizing version — my skin is dry 365 days out of the year and had been looking for months for a body scrub. After using this just once, my skin was so incredibly soft, I seriously couldn’t believe it! No amount of lotion was helping the dry skin on my legs and after that first use, it was gone. I’ve been using it once a week or every other week {I sometimes forget!} and have noticed that my arms and legs have been staying more hydrated since I started using it. I have tried several scrubs over the years and this is my new favorite!

Purity Facial Cleansing Cloths: Finding these face wipes was all thanks to the traveling I’ve been mentioning! I use THIS foaming cleanser on my face every morning and night but it was too many ounces to travel with for carry on luggage. I picked up these cleansing wipes a few weekends ago to take on my trips after reading countless reviews. One of my biggest pet peeves is taking my makeup off at night. I cannot stand the feeling of makeup stuck on my face, so I typically use a wipe to remove the makeup and then wash my face to ensure everything has been removed. All the reviews I read said these Purity wipes worked wonders — 1 cloth to remove all the makeup and dirt leaving your face feeling completely clean. I was pretty skeptical of this given my obsession with a clean face, but after using these wipes all last weekend, I can say it really does work! Available in 15 and 30 count sizes, you could easily keep them in your purse or gym bag for a quick face clean up, too. 

Whew! Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to provide a thorough review of each of the products. Let me know if you have any questions about the products I mentioned. I’ve linked all products I talked about in the post in the tool below for you to check out. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


Favorite Beauty Finds of 2016


At the start of each year, I like to review a few of my favorite beauty and fashion finds from the past few months. These are just a few of my top discoveries of 2016 and products that I use either daily or weekly. 

ONE // Dior ‘Cr猫me de Rose’ Smoothing Lip Balm: A recent discovery, this lip balm not only tastes good but leaves your lips feeling so soft and smooth. Although I just started using this at the beginning of December, I have been religiously wearing it each night and cannot believe how hydrated my lips feel. In the winter, my lips are constantly chapped and I have yet to experience that dry feeling since using this lip balm. A little on the expensive side, but totally worth it! 

TWO // Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery: This oil is one of my favorites. I apply this concentrate to my clean skin every other night {to make it last longer!} and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. By morning, my face feels and looks smoother and more radiant. Originally, I bought this last January to wear only in the winter months when my face was feeling dry, but I continued throughout the summer and fall because it was that good. You only need about two drops — I’m still on my first bottle that I purchased almost a year ago! **If your hands are super dry like mine, you can put a drop of the oil in your hand cream before massaging into your hands.**

THREE // IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer: I was introduced to IT Cosmetics in 2016 and I use their products each day. I love everything I have tried! {you can read a full review of the latest line from IT Cosmetics HERE} For the purposes of this post, I had to limit myself to my two favorite products: THIS under eye concealer and THIS mascara {see below}. This concealer can really hide it all — use it under your eye or over blemishes. A little goes a long way and I typically apply the concealer using THIS concealer brush or the beautyblender {see below}. For reference, I wear the “light” color.

FOUR // Simple Foaming Face Cleanser: For an everyday face cleanser, you can’t get much more practical than this foaming cleanser. I first tried this brand at a conference in Chicago and loved their makeup removing wipes. But, I actually discovered the foaming cleanser by accident. I had run out of THIS Clarisonic cleanser and while at the grocery store, I saw the familiar Simple packaging. I didn’t have time to stop at Ulta that day, so I picked up this foaming cleanser — it was designed for sensitive skin and I had loved the makeup wipes, so why not? Priced at under $6 {!!!} this is my go-to, everyday face wash. I sometimes mix it up with other formulas {see THIS post} but for an everyday /two times a day cleanser, this is awesome. And perfect for sensitive skin!

FIVE // Beautycounter Hand Cream: I was first introduced to Beautycounter back in 2015, but it took me until 2016 to discover the hand cream. As I have mentioned countless of times, my hands are terribly dry in the winter. I keep THIS hand cream {I use the citrus mimosa scent, but it’s also available in rose neroli} by the side of my bed and put it on each night before going to sleep. Although I keep other hand creams around the house, at my desk and in my purse for moisturizing throughout the day, this is my favorite to use at night.

SIX // Jouer Long-Wear Liquid Lipstick: I am always looking for new lipsticks to fall in love with {you know how I like to match my lipstick with my outfit!} so when I discovered Jouer and all the pretty colors they have to offer, I was definitely intrigued. The first color I bought was cabernet {pictured above} which was perfect for fall and the holidays. I also have cassis, another fall favorite. I have never been a huge fan of matte lipsticks, but I love these. The colors are gorgeous and they are super long lasting. Next on my “to try list”: THIS lip topper from Jouer and their line of hydrating lipsticks, specifically the Whitney color — perfect for spring!

SEVEN // beautyblender Makeup Sponge: Before purchasing the beautyblender for myself, I had heard SO many people rave about it. I finally broke down and purchased one for myself. As I mentioned above, I like to use it to apply concealer to my under eye area {along with the concealer brush} for easy application. For me, I think the beautyblender takes a little more time, so I typically only use it when I have plenty of time for applying makeup aka not on workdays! 

EIGHT // Drybar ‘Hot Toddy’ Heat & UV Protectant: After running out of the usual heat protectant my hair dresser uses, I happened to be at Nordstrom when I came across the entire Drybar section of products {if you haven’t checked out their line, I would highly recommend it. Next on my list: THIS dry shampoo — because I use dry shampoo just about every other day!} I love that this is not only a heat protectant but also UV, perfect for summer days. I apply this to my wet hair before drying each time I wash my hair. It protects your hair up to 450 degrees!

NINE // IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara: The second of my top 2 IT Cosmetics products goes to THIS mascara. I had been using the same mascara since high school, it was in my comfort zone and easy for so many years, why change? But after trying this Superhero Mascara, I haven’t looked back. This formula not only lengthens your lashes but also makes them look fuller. For simple makeup days, I usually just wear an everyday eyeshadow {THIS is my favorite in retrospeck} with this mascara. The mascara gives your lashes such a dramatic effect, you really don’t need much more for a casual look.

TEN // Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask: I have had the opportunity to try quite a few face masks over the past year and THIS exfoliating mask from Tula is definitely a favorite. I use it mainly in the colder months when my face is in serious need of exfoliating and purifying. Although the mask can be used up to two or three times a week, I only use it once a week during the winter months. I apply a thin layer of the mask to my clean, dry face and allow it to sit for about 5 minutes before massaging the mask into my face with damp fingers and rinsing it off with cool water. I love how soft my face feels after using it!


That’s a wrap on my favorite beauty products from 2016! I’ll be back tomorrow with an all new outfit post so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow!

IT Cosmetics at Sephora!


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with you for over a month now and I’m so excited the day is finally here! Since the beginning of August, I have been trying a new beauty line, IT Cosmetics. As you may remember from earlier beauty posts, I have pretty sensitive and dry skin and I am usually hesitant to start using new products. But, I really liked everything I had read about IT Cosmetics {you can learn more HERE} and decided to give it a whirl…

 For those of you who are not familiar with IT Cosmetics, here is a little background. First and foremost, I want to say that although I was sent a few products {that’s how I found out about IT!} from IT Cosmetics to try, this is by no means a sponsored post. I have been using the products since the beginning of August and have already used up a few of the products and bought more for myself. Here on ABM, I only share my honest opinions with you and just want you to know that I really love this beauty line!



Ok, back to IT Cosmetics. “IT” stands for “innovative technology” and was developed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. IT Cosmetics believes that great makeup can give you great skin, which I love! Each product is developed with good-for-you ingredients that make your skin beautiful so you will be getting compliments on your skin, and not your makeup! 

Now for the exciting news! As of yesterday, IT Cosmetics is now sold at Sephora! Having secured the coveted space on Sephora’s shelves, you will be able to shop these products online and at your local store! Below, I am reviewing the items from the IT line that are exclusive to Sephora. I will also mention that one of my favorite products, which is sold elsewhere and Sephora, is the CC+ Cream with SPF 50+. I have gone through an entire bottle and absolutely love it. And the best part, it is one of the only foundations I have tried that hasn’t caused a bad reaction on my skin! If you have sensitive and dry skin, although it does work for all skin types, I would definitely recommend this CC+ Cream!

Now on to the Sephora exclusive collection!

Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream: I’m not a huge fan of eye cream — honestly, I really haven’t had one that has blown me away. A few years ago, I tried an avocado eye cream and it completely dried out the skin under my eyes and my skin became red and irritated. Since then, I have kept my distance from eye creams! But, I’m looking forward to everything THIS under eye eye cream promises: brightening and reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and perfect for all skin types. This can be applied both morning and evening. 


Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment: I’m always on the lookout for a hydrating lip treatment. And so far, I’ve really been loving THIS formula. The color-infused balm provides hydration and a naturally flush lip color. The promise? The formula reacts with the warmth of your lips to create a beautiful color that lasts all day. I will say that for me, this has been pretty true. I’ve put it on in the morning and it has lasted until at least lunchtime {while drinking coffee and water}. But what I loved most was the moisturized feeling throughout the entire time it was on. This will definitely be a staple as we head into the colder months — and I love that it gives you just the right amount of color!


Bye Bye Lines Serum: I haven’t tried a ton of serums for lines or other anti-aging products, but it’s something I am beginning to work into my beauty routine. THIS serum promises to fill in fine lines within 10 days. It can be applied morning and evening on clean skin and can be worn underneath or in place of a moisturizer. The formula can be applied to your face, neck and d茅collet茅. I haven’t used this serum consistently for 10 days, so for me, it’s hard to tell. I do love that, like so many of IT’s products, this serum can replace the moisturizer. I just hate having a ton of products on my face!

Anti-Aging Armour: As I mentioned above, I haven’t tried a ton of anti-aging products, but I am loving THIS product so far. This anti-aging armour helps with dark spots and uneven skin tone. To use, apply 1 or more drops of the formula to clean skin or over top your moisturizer. The product can be used as your moisturizer, anti-aging serum, primer and sunscreen! I just love that IT products are multi-purpose! Like the Lines Serum, this anti-aging armour can be applied to your face, neck and d茅collet茅. 

Bye Bye Makeup Melting Balm: Ok, now this stuff is incredible. When IT came up with the name “melting balm” they were spot on. And it’s a 3-in-1: cleanser, makeup remover and anti-aging serum. The first time I saw a demonstration of the “melting” I was absolutely amazed! You apply the formula to dry skin and wipe it off with a face cloth — and that’s it! You can use warm water and pat dry if you would like, but a face cloth is all you really need! It literally melts the makeup off your face, leaving your face feeling soft and clean. I love the concept of including a makeup remover with a cleanser — it would have especially come in handy for me a few weeks ago when I ran out of makeup remover wipes! 


Bye Bye Pores Primer: Oh, primer. I have had a love/hate relationship with so many primers over the years. With such dry and sensitive skin, I’ve tried my fair share of products. You may remember me talking about a coconut water based primer from THIS post that I discovered a few months ago. I used it for most of the winter and spring, but stopped when the summer heat started. THIS primer from IT is oil free and a super light formula, two of the key things I look for when purchasing primer. Unlike the coconut water based formula I was using, Bye Bye Pores Primer is more of a matte finish, which I think is ideal for creating a perfectly smooth canvas for applying your foundation. This primer can be applied either over your moisturizer or on clean skin, underneath your makeup. 


Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination: Now, to my second favorite IT product! As I mentioned above, I have been using THIS CC+ cream and can’t get enough of it! But THIS Under Eye Illumination is a close second. This full-coverage, anti-aging and waterproof concealer is amazing. My go-to concealer has been a MAC formula and most recently a NARS formula, but honestly, this IT Cosmetics formula takes the cake! I can’t get over how much brighter by under eyes look after using this product — which also can be used as a concealer for other blemishes — and how long it lasts! To apply this concealer, tap with your fingertips onto the under eye and blend. 


CC+ Skin Perfecting Brush: Last, but not least, a brush that will help to apply your makeup for a flawless finish. I will say, I have a few of IT brushes {I love THIS concealer/foundation brush} and I have been super impressed with the quality. THIS skin perfecting brush is infused with anti-aging collagen that will improve the look of your skin and give you that promised flawless finish. To apply, buff the makeup onto your skin using circular motions for a smooth finish. 

Here are a few snaps of my results with these products. There is a before picture with no makeup {and no editing!} and an after pictures with makeup {and no editing!} I’ve link the products I used to achieve this look below:

Primer HERE
Foundation HERE – applied with THIS brush
Bye Bye Under Eye HERE – applied with THIS brush {smaller end}
Powder HERE — applied with THIS brush {larger end}
Lipstick HERE {#31}, Lipgloss HERE {#205}
Floral Blouse HERE
Whew! Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share as much information as I could about each of these products. I have truly been loving my experience with IT Cosmetics thus far and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products. To see IT’s exclusive line of products for Sephora, click HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great start to the week!


best lip shades for summer

Happy Wednesday, friends! I will be back with a new Wednesday Wishes next week, but with Memorial Day and the kickoff to summer less than 2 weeks away, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite lip colors for summer. Changing up my lip color is one of my favorite ways to “accessorize” an outfit and I am always getting questions about my lip color, so I thought I would share with you a few of my current favorites for the new season! 

I’ve divided the colors into three categories: blush/neutral, pink and red. As you can see, pink is definitely a favorite since I had a hard time limiting it to 6 of my favorite shades haha! 
Neutral Shades
MAC lip liner {boldly bare} | YSL lipstick {beige tribute} | Lanc么me Lip Crayon {nothing to wear} | NARS lipgloss {turkish delight}

Neutral shades are by far my most common color to wear. It is what I wear to work daily and even on the weekends. Around Christmastime {you might remember the shade from THIS post} I discovered the Lancme Lip Crayons. Available in a variety of colors, I instantly fell in love with THIS matte neutral. I’m not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, so I usually like to wear THIS gloss over this particular color. But, as I have mentioned before, what I love most about THIS gloss is that it can go over pretty much any blush, neutral or light pink color or it can be worn alone! Most weekends you can find me in THIS gloss by itself because it gives just the right amount of color and gloss. 

For a shinier lipstick I love THIS one from YSL. I like to wear it alone {since it does have some shine to it} or even with THIS lipgloss over it for super shine! But, the most important part of using all these fabulous neutral/blush shades is lip liner! I like to use THIS liner in boldly bare — it’s a great basic nude color.

Lanc么me Lip Crayon {bite the bullet} | Elizabeth Arden {pink pink} | YSL Lipgloss {#205} | YSL Lipstick {#31} | YSL Lipstick {#07} | MAC {candy yum-yum}

On to the pinks! As many of you know, pink is my favorite color, and that’s even true when it comes to lipgloss and lipstick! I have WAY too many shades of pink, but each is so different that it completely justifies having all of them, right?! Since I have so many pinks here to pick from, I will talk about my top 2. Well, maybe 3 馃檪 You may remember THIS super bright pink lipstick from a post a few weeks ago. There is no better time to wear this bright color than in the summer and I’ve been wearing it every chance I get! This color really makes a statement and lasts FOREVER too {lip color last seen HERE}. 

As for pink lipglosses, THIS color from YSL is my go-to. I bought it last spring and have loved it since. When seeing the color on the applicator, it looks a lot bright than it actually is. I love wearing this alone for a sheer lip tint or over a pink lipstick to give it some added shine. I usually wear THIS YSL lipstick under the gloss {this lip combination seen HERE}.

Lanc么me Lip Crayon {#110} | Elizabeth Arden {marigold} | Lanc么me Lip Crayon {partner in crime}

Although I don’t wear red as often in the summer months as I do during the holiday season, these are three of my favorite red-coral and red-pink colors. I rarely wear my “red-red/Christmas red” during the summer because it’s a little too dark and holiday-ish for me. Personally, I think these three colors are more suited for the summer months. THIS Lancme lip crayon is more of a coral red, while THIS lipstick also is a great red that doesn’t scream Christmas. I threw THIS lip crayon into the red category because it’s a pretty good mix of pink and red hues. Not pictured: THIS red liner in “cherry”. It’s the only one I use and it does a pretty good job of keeping the lipstick on your lips, and off your face haha!

Listed from left to right:



Thanks so much for stopping by! See you tomorrow for an all new outfit post!



the best of MIMI Chatter #MIMIbag

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! After spending the weekend in Ohio, we are heading back to Virginia today…and hopeful that the weather is a little less rainy than it was last week! A shorter week ahead for us as we are heading someplace sunny to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary…more on that next week!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram {rach.mccarthy} and Snapchat {rach.mccarthy7}, these cute cosmetic bags and products may look familiar. I have been receiving the MIMI Chatter #MIMIBag for a few months and I wanted to review some of my favorite products that I have discovered through this fabulous beauty bag! 

For those of you who are not familiar with the #MIMIBag, it’s a cute cosmetic bag filled with the latest and greatest in beauty products that typically follow a certain theme for each month. From fighting dry skin in the cold month of January to combating serious frizz with all these April/May showers, I have loved trying all these products! As you will see, I have really loved all the face products in the beauty bags! You can see some of the other products that I received HERE, HERE & HERE.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites…

Pixi Glow Tonic: I haven’t had much luck with toners in the past. With my dry and sensitive skin, it’s been difficult to find a toner that hydrates my skin and doesn’t cause any bad reactions. Truthfully, I gave up on finding a toner that would work and just removed the toning step from my skincare routine. This was my first time trying Pixi’s products {shop more Pixi products HERE} so like with so many other toners, I was skeptical. This toner had some big claims: tone and tighten the skin all while removing dead skin cells for healthier skin. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the results and my experience with this glow tonic! Admittedly, I do sometimes forget to use the toner, I guess it was not a part of my routine for so long, it’s hard to incorporate new steps! Now that I have had luck with this product, I’m looking forward to trying more Pixi products. Currently on my list to try: THIS sleep mask and THIS eye brightener. 
Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream: This was probably the one product I was most excited to try from each of the beauty bags for two reasons: (1) I have been dying to try some of Kate Somerville’s products; and (2) I read that it had been clinically tested safe for sensitive skin. And so far, it has lived up to it’s expectations! This formula leaves your face soft and smooth and delivers a deep hydration that is perfect for even the driest of skins! As you may remember from other beauty posts, I typically use THIS oil in place of moisturizer. But, since receiving this goat milk cream, I have been incorporating it into my night time skin routine and also using it when I travel — since I don’t want the glass bottle filled with face oil to break! This moisturizing cream can be used morning and night applied in a thin and even layer across your face and neck. I highly recommend this cream! Have you tried any of Kate Somerville’s products? Currently on my wish list: THIS hydrating firming mist.
Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: Another moisturizing product! Can you tell I have super dry skin?! haha Although this is also a deep hydrating face cream, it is slightly different then the goat milk moisturizing cream I mentioned above. This lightweight, gel moisturizer truly has a calming and soothing feeling on your skin. I love that this moisturizer can work for any skin type, yet it is still gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Like the other moisturizer mentioned above, use this in the morning and at night on clean skin. I also read that you can store this product in the refrigerator, which will give you a cool and fresh feeling once applied. I haven’t tried this trick yet, but plan on doing it soon. If you are looking for a soothing moisturizer for any skin type, I would recommend this product from Caudalie. Also on my next to try list from Caudalie: THIS micellar cleansing water, it’s soap free! 

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask: I’ve saved the best for last! I had been looking for a good mask for a while, so I was excited to try this exfoliating formula from Tula. This clay mask contains exfoliating beads that work to remove the dead skin cells to reveal healthier and more radiant skin. I have been using this mask once a week {although, it can be used 2-3 times per week} and cannot believe the results! My face feels so incredibly soft and hydrated — I have only been using a half drop of THIS oil on my face each morning — that’s a record! To use this treatment mask, apply a thin layer to a clean and dry face. I leave the mask on for 5 minutes and dampen my fingers and begin to rub the mask into my skin, working the exfoliating beads into my face. I then rinse off the entire mask using cool water. I highly recommend this mask if you are looking for a great hydrating and exfoliating treatment for your face. Other Tula products I would like to try: THIS revitalizing eye cream and THIS illuminating face serum.


Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know if you have any questions about these products! See you back here tomorrow for an all new healthy snack recipe!