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Happy Tuesday, everyone! So sorry that I didn’t have a new post for you yesterday. As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, we spent the weekend celebrating my cousin’s wedding out of town. The plan was to photograph what I wore to the rehearsal dinner on Friday and the wedding outfit from Saturday, but it was such a cluster and a rush, we ran out of time!

Last Tuesday, I shared with you a simple Halloween treat that was perfect for all ages. Today, I am continuing the Halloween preparations and talking about a creepy cocktail! My husband is not only the wine connoisseur, but also the mixologist in the family. He has been experimenting with different cocktails as of late, so I enlisted him to help create a creepy cocktail that is perfect for a Halloween celebration. 

The Dark & Spooky is a play on the Dark & Stormy — a simple, yet delicious cocktail with only three ingredients: fresh lime juice, ginger beer and rum. It’s easy to create a spooky effect by pouring the dark rum {a lighter rum is used in the traditional Dark & Stormy} over a spoon into the glass.

Dark & Spooky
{what you will need} 
Juice from 1 lime
6 ounces ginger beer
1 1/2 ounces dark rum 

{1} Squeeze the juice from 1 lime directly into a glass filled with ice. 
{2} Add the ginger beer into the glass. 
{3} Pour the rum over a spoon into the glass which will allow the rum to be suspended on top of the ginger beer and lime juice mixture creating the creepiest of contrasts! 

Thanks so much for dropping by and have a wonderful Tuesday!

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