favorite spring necessities

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Happy Wednesday! Now that spring is in full swing, I wanted to share with you a few of my springtime necessities when it comes to my wardrobe.  What I love most about the majority of these items is that they can also be carried into summer; I always love finding multiple season items 🙂 

Of all these fabulous items, my favorite spring necessity has to be my denim jacket. I literally want to wear it everyday {exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C}. There are so many ways to wear a denim jacket and it’s the perfect layer for the cool mornings and nights of spring. As for nail polish, my nails have been painted this blush pink since late January — I guess you can say I’ve been ready for warmer weather for some time now! I love this Essie polish because it’s super basic but it gives you a little color. And it looks great on your toes too 🙂 

I love any kind of lace dress, but there is something about a white lace dress that is so crispy and clean — it’s the perfect way to welcome summer! And nothing says summer like a straw handbag! It’s the perfect accessory and can go with literally anything! I am definitely looking forward to breaking out these spring to summer items in the coming weeks! 

What are some of your springtime essentials? Thanks so much for dropping by and have a wonderful Wednesday! 


10 thoughts on “favorite spring necessities

  1. Love jean jackets – such great items that you wear so well! I'm curious about hats – haven't ever really done them but they seem so fitting for spring and summer…

    Super fun post! : )


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