Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Fall Fashion Under $50

nordstrom anniversary sale: fall fashion under $50

high/low green fleece cardigan | v-neck knit burgundy sweater | aviator sunglasses | rose gold drop earrings | pink ruffle cold shoulder pullover | high-waisted ankle moto leggings | black high-waisted skimmer pants | stripe bell sleeve top | suede slide | black suede clutch | blue bell sleeve fleece pullover | rust midi dress

Happy Friday! Today, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to everyone (you can see my top 10 must-haves from Early Access here). As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I have found that each time I venture to Nordstrom’s website during the sale, I discover new items. But today, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite fall finds under $50.

What I have bought so far

I headed into my Nordstrom last Friday and bought a few things during Early Access, but when it comes to shopping, I like to take my time and think things over. Not necessarily ideal for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale when so many pieces fly off the shelf so quickly, but thank goodness for re-stocking! I have quite the collection of workout leggings, so I couldn’t resist buying these high-waisted moto ankle leggings in black. I bought this double ruffle sleeve top that I wore in Monday’s post, and a pair of pajamas I have been eyeing since Christmas. Honestly, a lot was picked over in store by the time I could get there Friday evening, so any additional shopping will have to be done online.

Anniversary Sale: Fall Fashion Under $50

There are definitely some great finds under $50 during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I have actually added a few of these to my cart while I work on this post! Two of my recent favorite brands from Nordstrom have several cute pieces in this year’s sale including this high/low fleece cardigan, which would make for a great fall layer, and this fleece bell sleeve pullover which would be easy to style with jeans for a casual fall look. I also have my eye on these suede slides. Priced just under $50 and available in grey, black and red, I’m having a difficult time deciding what color to purchase!

If you are looking for more Nordstrom Anniversary Sale recommendations, be sure to visit the tab at the top of my website where I have broken done my favorites by category. I’m off to do some online shopping before we leave for my cousin’s wedding in Annapolis today. See you back here on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



5 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Fall Fashion Under $50

  1. Loving the colors this Fall!! I waited a tad too long last week and everything I wanted was sold out. Lesson learned, lol! Have a wonderful weekend Rachel!!

  2. Those workout leggings look so comfortable! I totally agree with you that typically I find more items that I like the more often that I look, but I’m trying to not go crazy this year since I’m right in the middle of this pregnancy.

  3. What great finds, girlie! I love those leggings, the cold shoulder sweater, and the cardigan especially! I know, everything always sells out super fast. I remember last year, I had been indecisive about this Blanknyc jacket and within a day, it was sold out in my size and that was only during early access, it was one of the popular pieces. Luckily, after stalking nearly everybody Nordstrom, I was able to get it shipped from a store in Texas that had just received it as a retutn, talk about luck! Now I learned my lesson, if I love it snd truly will use it, I don’t think twice. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get everything on your wishlist!



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