It seems like we are always talking about the latest trends at the change of seasons: tassels, pom poms, off-the-shoulder, boho chic…you get the picture. And as much as I love these hot, new trends, there is one “permanent trend” that will always have my heart: stripes. Between Monday’s post with this striped cardigan, and today’s Wednesday Wishes, you can see that I definitely have had stripes on my mind this week. I must say, as much as I love the standard black/navy and white, classic nautical stripes {which seem to be a trend each spring} I can’t get enough of the bright colored striped pieces for this season! It’s like taking my stripe obsession to an all new level with the fun and bright colors! 

First, this jacquard striped pencil skirt is to die for! It’s hard to see in this picture, but the bottom of the skirt has a frayed hem — such a cute detail! And speaking of the hem, it falls below your knees so it would be great for work. Have to love those practical pieces! 

Can we take a minute and talk about both of these shoes?! The wedge style is one of my favorites and I love the lace-up ankle on these colorful striped ones. Unfortunately, there is limited sizing in this color, but they are available in black and white, which is probably more practical anyways 😉 Moving onto the oh so comfortable, slip-on espadrilles…don’t they look like the same stripe pattern as the pencil skirt?! Priced at $54, these shoes will be perfect all spring and summer long. {P.S. You may remember this style from last week’s post!}

I just couldn’t resist sharing a few home and cooking items with you, including the kitchen towel and apron, which has some handy measurements/conversions on the back so you can reference them while cooking! That’s the most genius idea ever! Ok, and did you see the striped lasagna?? I cannot even comprehend how amazing these would be in a dish — talk about presentation! I could definitely see using a pesto sauce with these to show off the cuteness. And in case you don’t like lasagna, this striped pasta is also available in bowties! Too much for this pasta-loving girl to handle!

How do you feel about stripes this spring? I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!



16 thoughts on “Striped

  1. Love this mix. I've had my eye on those lace up wedges…so cute!! I hope your Wednesday is fantastic!! Come link up Monday's fashion post today is you can…

  2. I love me some stripes, so cute! And the wedges are just adorable! I can't do a super high wedge, my husband is only a couple inches taller than me and I don't want to look like a giraffe next to him. LOL!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

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