transition time

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Happy Wednesday! After the warm temperatures we experienced last weekend here in DC, I am already starting to think about transitioning my closet to spring. Although the high this Sunday is only suppose to be 18 degrees, {how is that even possible with 60’s last weekend?!} I’m definitely in the mood for some spring colors, prints and textures! For me, I find the best way to begin this winter to spring transition is by incorporating spring pieces into my winter wardrobe. Both of these floral blouses scream spring and work well no matter your budget! The pop of blue in this coat also brightens the outfit, while still providing warmth in the colder months. Lastly, I love soft pink or neutral nail polish and lipstick to complete the outfit. I have been stuck on this soft Essie color lately, it helps me believe that spring is really just around the corner!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

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