Prepping for a Cozy January

turtleneck sweater | red camp socks {comes in 4 colors!} | pom-pom hat {I have it in pink!} | lipstick {color: fashion pack} | mittens {on sale!} | green hooded parka {on sale!} | dark wash denim | beige colorblock scarf | winter duck boots | leather beige tote {I’m obsessed with this!} 

The arctic temperatures have yet to hit us here in the Washington, D.C. area, but with January just around the corner {and after taking a look at the extended forecast!} it’s probably a good idea to start planning for some cooler air! In that spirit, today I am sharing a cute and cozy look to prep you for those inevitably colder January days!

Although, I must admit, some of my favorite clothes are of the winter variety. There is something so comfortable and cozy about big sweaters, fuzzy hats and warm scarves. Or maybe it’s because I grew up in Ohio and I was always prepared for the cold weather! Regardless, I definitely have a love for these winter clothes. 

These red camp socks are some of my favorite socks I own — not only are they comfortable, but super cozy to wear with snow boots! And speaking of snow boots, the Sperry Duck Boots allow you to look perfectly stylish in the snow. The best part about these boots: they come in 12 different colors and patterns {and I’m pretty sure I love them all!}. Truly something for everyone!

Happy New Year and wishing all of you a wonderful 2016! See you back here on Monday!



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  1. Love me some cozy!!! What great finds! My mom got me those boots in another color for Christmas and they are super comfy and cozy!! Have a marvelous New Year my friend!! May 2016 bring even more precious moments!!

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