Shades of Spring: Purple

shades of spring purple inspiration

floral dress | colorful statement earrings | nail polish | henley top | bow slides | leather tote | stud earrings | candle | bath bomb | off the shoulder swimsuit | wide leg printed pants | ruffle sleeve top | sunglasses | mules | crossbody bag

There is always a trendy color of the season. And while there are a few that I am loving for spring, it would be difficult to not start with this year’s Pantone Color of the Year. I talked about my love for the new color of the year in this post and the love is still going strong! From violet to lavender and everything in between, shades of purple are everywhere this spring.

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Easy Homemade Ravioli

Easy Homemade Ravioli Recipe

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend/long weekend. I just wanted to hop on to share this quick and easy homemade ravioli recipe I have made a few times this winter. Pasta is one of my favorite foods. I probably could eat it every night if it were acceptable, but homemade pasta has always been on my cooking to do list. While this isn’t exactly homemade pasta, it does come pretty close. And it’s a quick and yummy weekend dish.

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White Fuzzy Sweater

fuzzy white sweater

One day I am talking about spring and the next I’m back to wearing sweaters. I guess it’s fitting since this change reflects our current weather situation! Although, I have to say, I am glad the temperatures dropped a little so I could wear this new white fuzzy sweater that just arrived last week in the mail. This cozy sweater was my go-to top last weekend. Pair it with high waisted jeans and sneakers for a casual winter weekend outfit.

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How to Wear Spring Pieces Now…And Later

how to wear spring pieces now

coral off the shoulder sweater | gold tassel earrings | printed clutch | black jeans | coral lipstick | suede ankle booties

coral off the shoulder sweater | blush statement earrings | blush lipstick | floral handbag (splurge!) | blush wedges | distressed jeans

I know I have been talking a lot about spring in the past few weeks in my inspiration posts, but I feel like I can almost justify it now: the high tomorrow here in D.C. is going to be in the 70s! I know it won’t be sticking around, but this sneak peek of warmer temperatures makes me so excited for spring. And since I have been looking forward to spring since the first of January, I have already started adding pieces to my spring wardrobe (you can see last week’s post about what I’m buying for spring here). But just because these are “spring” pieces, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait until spring to wear them. Today, I’m talking about how to wear spring pieces now and later when spring eventually arrives.

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Favorite Healthy Foods

my favorite healthy snacks

I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest when it comes to healthy foods. I really try to eat healthy during the week while letting myself splurge a little on the weekends. Lately, I have been finding some great healthy foods and thought it would be fun to share what I’m loving right now. I photographed these pictures awhile ago and have actually been through at least one package of each. Needless to say, these are my current favorite healthy foods!

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Valentine’s Day Accessory: Red Beret

how to wear a beret

Happy Monday, friends! How crazy that we are halfway through February already. And since Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, I wanted to share an outfit idea for the holiday that isn’t completely over the top. Don’t get me wrong — the more red (and especially pink!) the better. But if you are looking for a way to subtly add these colors into you outfit for Wednesday, there is no better way than through accessories. Whether it be with a red beret, jewelry, handbags or even lipstick, there are many ways to incorporate a little Valentine’s Day spirit into your look.

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What I’m Buying for Spring

what i'm buying for spring

purple dress | embroidered tee | pink lipstick (hot gossip) | white peplum tee | mint green jeans | stripe ruffle dress | gingham dress | tassel statement earrings | espadrille mules | asymmetrical top

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, this is the time of the year I start purchasing spring pieces to add to my closet. By February, I have had enough of the cold temperatures and winter clothes and the search is on for spring pieces. Today I am sharing a few of the spring pieces I have been eyeing for the new season. From spring trends like shades of purple, asymmetrical necklines and of course stripes, here is a list of what I’m buying for spring.

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Valentine’s Day Macarons

heart macarons recipe

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest holiday. Quite literally! And with Valentine’s Day just over a week away, I wanted to share with you a yummy dessert that makes for the perfect sweet treat. I have always loved macarons, but have never attempted to make them. I have always heard how difficult the process is and the need for perfect weather conditions when baking, so in the past I have just bought the dessert. A few weeks ago, I gave these Valentine’s Day Macarons a try and was delighted at the finished product.

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5 Must-Have Shoes for Spring

5 must-have shoes for spring

It would be hard to pinpoint a favorite kind of accessory, but if I had to chose, shoes would definitely be at or near the top. I always get excited for a new season of shoes and it’s about this time of the year I start looking for a few new pairs to add to my collection. But, I have noticed that so many of my favorite styles and trends are coming back for spring 2018. Which is probably good for the space in my closet’s case! From blush beauties and a go-to pair of sneakers, today I am rounding up 5 must-have shoes for spring.

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