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Happy Wednesday, friends! I will be back with a new Wednesday Wishes next week, but with Memorial Day and the kickoff to summer less than 2 weeks away, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite lip colors for summer. Changing up my lip color is one of my favorite ways to “accessorize” an outfit and I am always getting questions about my lip color, so I thought I would share with you a few of my current favorites for the new season! 

I’ve divided the colors into three categories: blush/neutral, pink and red. As you can see, pink is definitely a favorite since I had a hard time limiting it to 6 of my favorite shades haha! 
Neutral Shades
MAC lip liner {boldly bare} | YSL lipstick {beige tribute} | Lanc么me Lip Crayon {nothing to wear} | NARS lipgloss {turkish delight}

Neutral shades are by far my most common color to wear. It is what I wear to work daily and even on the weekends. Around Christmastime {you might remember the shade from THIS post} I discovered the Lancme Lip Crayons. Available in a variety of colors, I instantly fell in love with THIS matte neutral. I’m not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, so I usually like to wear THIS gloss over this particular color. But, as I have mentioned before, what I love most about THIS gloss is that it can go over pretty much any blush, neutral or light pink color or it can be worn alone! Most weekends you can find me in THIS gloss by itself because it gives just the right amount of color and gloss. 

For a shinier lipstick I love THIS one from YSL. I like to wear it alone {since it does have some shine to it} or even with THIS lipgloss over it for super shine! But, the most important part of using all these fabulous neutral/blush shades is lip liner! I like to use THIS liner in boldly bare — it’s a great basic nude color.

Lanc么me Lip Crayon {bite the bullet} | Elizabeth Arden {pink pink} | YSL Lipgloss {#205} | YSL Lipstick {#31} | YSL Lipstick {#07} | MAC {candy yum-yum}

On to the pinks! As many of you know, pink is my favorite color, and that’s even true when it comes to lipgloss and lipstick! I have WAY too many shades of pink, but each is so different that it completely justifies having all of them, right?! Since I have so many pinks here to pick from, I will talk about my top 2. Well, maybe 3 馃檪 You may remember THIS super bright pink lipstick from a post a few weeks ago. There is no better time to wear this bright color than in the summer and I’ve been wearing it every chance I get! This color really makes a statement and lasts FOREVER too {lip color last seen HERE}. 

As for pink lipglosses, THIS color from YSL is my go-to. I bought it last spring and have loved it since. When seeing the color on the applicator, it looks a lot bright than it actually is. I love wearing this alone for a sheer lip tint or over a pink lipstick to give it some added shine. I usually wear THIS YSL lipstick under the gloss {this lip combination seen HERE}.

Lanc么me Lip Crayon {#110} | Elizabeth Arden {marigold} | Lanc么me Lip Crayon {partner in crime}

Although I don’t wear red as often in the summer months as I do during the holiday season, these are three of my favorite red-coral and red-pink colors. I rarely wear my “red-red/Christmas red” during the summer because it’s a little too dark and holiday-ish for me. Personally, I think these three colors are more suited for the summer months. THIS Lancme lip crayon is more of a coral red, while THIS lipstick also is a great red that doesn’t scream Christmas. I threw THIS lip crayon into the red category because it’s a pretty good mix of pink and red hues. Not pictured: THIS red liner in “cherry”. It’s the only one I use and it does a pretty good job of keeping the lipstick on your lips, and off your face haha!

Listed from left to right:



Thanks so much for stopping by! See you tomorrow for an all new outfit post!



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  1. This is so fun Rachel! The pink shades are definitely my favorite too I was happy to see you showcase some lipgloss is as I'm struggling to find a new lipgloss, the YSL I think would be right up my alley. Have a wonderful Wednesday

  2. I love neutral lip colors for the summer. I had no idea Lancome made lip crayons, I totally need to go check them out.

  3. SO many pretties!! I really wish I could pull off pinks, you have such a great collection of them here. Some pinks just don't flatter my skin tone. I love YSL lipsticks, some of the best!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

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