best lip shades for summer

Happy Wednesday, friends! I will be back with a new Wednesday Wishes next week, but with Memorial Day and the kickoff to summer less than 2 weeks away, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite lip colors for summer. Changing up my lip color is one of my favorite ways to “accessorize” an outfit and I am always getting questions about my lip color, so I thought I would share with you a few of my current favorites for the new season! 

I’ve divided the colors into three categories: blush/neutral, pink and red. As you can see, pink is definitely a favorite since I had a hard time limiting it to 6 of my favorite shades haha! 
Neutral Shades
MAC lip liner {boldly bare} | YSL lipstick {beige tribute} | Lanc么me Lip Crayon {nothing to wear} | NARS lipgloss {turkish delight}

Neutral shades are by far my most common color to wear. It is what I wear to work daily and even on the weekends. Around Christmastime {you might remember the shade from THIS post} I discovered the Lancme Lip Crayons. Available in a variety of colors, I instantly fell in love with THIS matte neutral. I’m not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, so I usually like to wear THIS gloss over this particular color. But, as I have mentioned before, what I love most about THIS gloss is that it can go over pretty much any blush, neutral or light pink color or it can be worn alone! Most weekends you can find me in THIS gloss by itself because it gives just the right amount of color and gloss. 

For a shinier lipstick I love THIS one from YSL. I like to wear it alone {since it does have some shine to it} or even with THIS lipgloss over it for super shine! But, the most important part of using all these fabulous neutral/blush shades is lip liner! I like to use THIS liner in boldly bare — it’s a great basic nude color.

Lanc么me Lip Crayon {bite the bullet} | Elizabeth Arden {pink pink} | YSL Lipgloss {#205} | YSL Lipstick {#31} | YSL Lipstick {#07} | MAC {candy yum-yum}

On to the pinks! As many of you know, pink is my favorite color, and that’s even true when it comes to lipgloss and lipstick! I have WAY too many shades of pink, but each is so different that it completely justifies having all of them, right?! Since I have so many pinks here to pick from, I will talk about my top 2. Well, maybe 3 馃檪 You may remember THIS super bright pink lipstick from a post a few weeks ago. There is no better time to wear this bright color than in the summer and I’ve been wearing it every chance I get! This color really makes a statement and lasts FOREVER too {lip color last seen HERE}. 

As for pink lipglosses, THIS color from YSL is my go-to. I bought it last spring and have loved it since. When seeing the color on the applicator, it looks a lot bright than it actually is. I love wearing this alone for a sheer lip tint or over a pink lipstick to give it some added shine. I usually wear THIS YSL lipstick under the gloss {this lip combination seen HERE}.

Lanc么me Lip Crayon {#110} | Elizabeth Arden {marigold} | Lanc么me Lip Crayon {partner in crime}

Although I don’t wear red as often in the summer months as I do during the holiday season, these are three of my favorite red-coral and red-pink colors. I rarely wear my “red-red/Christmas red” during the summer because it’s a little too dark and holiday-ish for me. Personally, I think these three colors are more suited for the summer months. THIS Lancme lip crayon is more of a coral red, while THIS lipstick also is a great red that doesn’t scream Christmas. I threw THIS lip crayon into the red category because it’s a pretty good mix of pink and red hues. Not pictured: THIS red liner in “cherry”. It’s the only one I use and it does a pretty good job of keeping the lipstick on your lips, and off your face haha!

Listed from left to right:



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the best of MIMI Chatter #MIMIbag

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! After spending the weekend in Ohio, we are heading back to Virginia today…and hopeful that the weather is a little less rainy than it was last week! A shorter week ahead for us as we are heading someplace sunny to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary…more on that next week!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram {rach.mccarthy} and Snapchat {rach.mccarthy7}, these cute cosmetic bags and products may look familiar. I have been receiving the MIMI Chatter #MIMIBag for a few months and I wanted to review some of my favorite products that I have discovered through this fabulous beauty bag! 

For those of you who are not familiar with the #MIMIBag, it’s a cute cosmetic bag filled with the latest and greatest in beauty products that typically follow a certain theme for each month. From fighting dry skin in the cold month of January to combating serious frizz with all these April/May showers, I have loved trying all these products! As you will see, I have really loved all the face products in the beauty bags! You can see some of the other products that I received HERE, HERE & HERE.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites…

Pixi Glow Tonic: I haven’t had much luck with toners in the past. With my dry and sensitive skin, it’s been difficult to find a toner that hydrates my skin and doesn’t cause any bad reactions. Truthfully, I gave up on finding a toner that would work and just removed the toning step from my skincare routine. This was my first time trying Pixi’s products {shop more Pixi products HERE} so like with so many other toners, I was skeptical. This toner had some big claims: tone and tighten the skin all while removing dead skin cells for healthier skin. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the results and my experience with this glow tonic! Admittedly, I do sometimes forget to use the toner, I guess it was not a part of my routine for so long, it’s hard to incorporate new steps! Now that I have had luck with this product, I’m looking forward to trying more Pixi products. Currently on my list to try: THIS sleep mask and THIS eye brightener. 
Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream: This was probably the one product I was most excited to try from each of the beauty bags for two reasons: (1) I have been dying to try some of Kate Somerville’s products; and (2) I read that it had been clinically tested safe for sensitive skin. And so far, it has lived up to it’s expectations! This formula leaves your face soft and smooth and delivers a deep hydration that is perfect for even the driest of skins! As you may remember from other beauty posts, I typically use THIS oil in place of moisturizer. But, since receiving this goat milk cream, I have been incorporating it into my night time skin routine and also using it when I travel — since I don’t want the glass bottle filled with face oil to break! This moisturizing cream can be used morning and night applied in a thin and even layer across your face and neck. I highly recommend this cream! Have you tried any of Kate Somerville’s products? Currently on my wish list: THIS hydrating firming mist.
Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: Another moisturizing product! Can you tell I have super dry skin?! haha Although this is also a deep hydrating face cream, it is slightly different then the goat milk moisturizing cream I mentioned above. This lightweight, gel moisturizer truly has a calming and soothing feeling on your skin. I love that this moisturizer can work for any skin type, yet it is still gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Like the other moisturizer mentioned above, use this in the morning and at night on clean skin. I also read that you can store this product in the refrigerator, which will give you a cool and fresh feeling once applied. I haven’t tried this trick yet, but plan on doing it soon. If you are looking for a soothing moisturizer for any skin type, I would recommend this product from Caudalie. Also on my next to try list from Caudalie: THIS micellar cleansing water, it’s soap free! 

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask: I’ve saved the best for last! I had been looking for a good mask for a while, so I was excited to try this exfoliating formula from Tula. This clay mask contains exfoliating beads that work to remove the dead skin cells to reveal healthier and more radiant skin. I have been using this mask once a week {although, it can be used 2-3 times per week} and cannot believe the results! My face feels so incredibly soft and hydrated — I have only been using a half drop of THIS oil on my face each morning — that’s a record! To use this treatment mask, apply a thin layer to a clean and dry face. I leave the mask on for 5 minutes and dampen my fingers and begin to rub the mask into my skin, working the exfoliating beads into my face. I then rinse off the entire mask using cool water. I highly recommend this mask if you are looking for a great hydrating and exfoliating treatment for your face. Other Tula products I would like to try: THIS revitalizing eye cream and THIS illuminating face serum.


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fuller hair with OGX






I’m always up for trying new hair products, especially when they promise to make your hair fuller and thicker. And believe me, I have tried countless sprays, conditioners and creams that promise thick locks. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck until trying OGX’s new bamboo fiber-full line. 

OGX has created a formula that includes real bamboo fibers which attach to the hair strands to create thicker and fuller tresses. I started with the strength + body shampoo and continued with the conditioner. By the way, I’m embarrassed to admit that when choosing a shampoo, scent ranks pretty high on my list! And this bamboo fiber-full passes the test! It’s a super fresh scent, think something similar to a gentle rain mist with a touch of jasmine. It’s addicting!

To begin styling, I applied the thickening fiber cream and root booster. In the past, I have been the most skeptical of creams and sprays that I apply after washing and conditioning my hair. A lot of products I have tried have left my hair feeling weighed down and a terrible”greasy” feeling. After working the fiber cream into my hair and spraying the root booster on the roots, I began to blow dry my hair with a round brush, for added volume. Fun note on the thickening root booster: you can spray this on your dry hair throughout the day for a touch-up! 

Once my hair was dry, I was amazed at how thick and full my hair felt. This shampoo, conditioner thickening cream and root booster not only left my hair feeling more voluminous, but also soft, hydrated and not greasy!

Overall, I would recommend the bamboo fiber-full line of OGX products. For my fine hair, I plan to incorporate this shampoo into my regular shampoo and conditioner plan, since I don’t think you should be exclusive to one shampoo/conditioner! 

This was my first time trying OGX products and it was such a great experience! Have you tried anything from OGX?

Thanks for dropping by and see you tomorrow for an all new outfit post!

**I was provided OGX products for review; however, like always, all of my opinions remain my own**



spring scents

One of my favorite things about changing seasons is also changing up scents. Don’t get me wrong, there are some scents that are year round for me {like my very favorite candle} but when it comes to perfume, I love switching to the lighter, more floral scents for spring and summer. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the scents that I am currently craving and that I own and currently use!

**Disclaimer: I am super sensitive when it comes to fragrance. I literally cannot walk into Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle without my eyes watering, head hurting and sneezing! I have had luck with all of the scents I’ve mentioned and have not found them overpowering in the least!**

First, let’s talk about my favorites that I am using right now. THIS perfume is hands down my favorite perfume ever. With notes of rose and jasmine, this light scent was made for the warmer months. Fun fact: this perfume was made for Audrey Hepburn and was only released to the public in 1996. So you know it must be fabulous!

You may remember me mentioning my diptyque “Baies” candle in THIS post a few months ago, and when my husband recently ordered me a new candle, he also got me THIS hand lotion that I was dying to try. I just started using it this week and I cannot get enough of it! I take it to work with me and I am constantly putting it on my hands. Not only does it smell amazing {think roses, blackcurrant and cedar} but it leaves my hands SO soft…all day long! 

Lastly, I got a sample of THIS Tory Burch perfume a couple of months ago and have been using it when I travel {I have a bad history when it comes to bottles breaking/exploding when traveling}. It’s not an “in your face floral” but has more grapefruit and sandalwood qualities. It’s still crisp and refreshing and I think good for someone who isn’t all about the super floral and feminine scents. 

Now, on to a couple of things that are on my wish list! I have been eyeing THIS rose candle for a few months now {can you tell I am a little obsessed with roses lately?!} and just discovered that it’s finally in stock at Nordstrom!  It’s a limited edition so I should probably scoop it up fast! AERIN also makes perfume, makeup and other skin products. You can view more of their collection HERE. Be sure to check out THIS rose lip conditioner too — doesn’t it sound amazing?!

A spring scent collage wouldn’t be complete without including some beautiful {and in this case, faux!} flowers! I am trying to decide between THIS larger magenta and THIS smaller pink faux peony arrangement for my office. What do you guys think?!

All these spring and summer scents would be great for Mother’s Day too. It’s right around the corner! 

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what’s in my makeup bag


I’m switching things up a little for today’s Wednesday Wishes to share with you what is currently in my makeup bag. Makeup and beauty related posts seem to be popular, so I will be sharing more of these kind of posts as we head into summer. Please let me know if you have any questions! All the products that I mention in the post are also linked in the tool at the bottom of the post 馃檪

You may remember from Favorite Beauty Finds of 2015 post {HERE} my love for my Clarisonic Brush with the Cashmere Cleanse Brush and Gentle Hydro Cleanser. I have super dry and sensitive skin and find this to be the best way to clean my face, morning and night. I was afraid to use it twice a day given my sensitive skin, but I find that when I only use it once a day, my skin doesn’t look nearly as clear and radiant. I’ve tried a few of the other Clarisonic brushes {THIS one most recently} but I have had the most luck with THIS brush.

You may also remember this Beautycounter Face Oil from the beauty finds post. I started using THIS face oil almost a year ago and haven’t stopped since! It takes the place of a traditional moisturizer and I honestly think it does a much better job of keeping my skin hydrated. I apply this right after washing my face in the morning, usually two drops in the winter months and one drop the rest of the year. 

The last step in creating my base is this Too Face Hangover Replenishing Primer. I had been searching for a primer for quite sometime, and wasn’t really thrilled with any of the samples I had tried. Enter this coconut water, probiotic-based primer. With more of a creamy texture, instead of the gel-like primers I was use to, I was skeptical. But, I have been using this since February and I haven’t had one issue to report! I love the way this primer hydrates and smoothes your skin to prepare for your foundation!

Next up is foundation. Last May, I switch from THIS Bobbi Brown foundation to the Beautycounter foundation. {I reviewed Beautycounter and their safe skin care products last summer, read the post HERE} Currently, I am using the Tint Skin Foundation in Porcelain {I use this foundation in the winter months because it’s a little heavier, but still lightweight}. I use THIS retractable complexion brush to apply the Tint Skin Foundation. In the summer months, I like to wear the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer in No. 1 because it’s lighter and also is SPF 20. {**Side note: usually when I use a foundation that has “SPF” it causes my skin to have a bad reaction. I have never had a reaction to the Dew Skin, which is basically a miracle!} I am almost out of the Tint Skin and will be ordering more of the Dew Skin in the next week! While we are on the Beautycounter subject, I am also a huge fan of the body lotion and hand lotion — they both have an amazing citrus smell!

Next up is concealer. I recently switch from THIS concealer {I’ve used it since high school!} to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly. I really like the ease of application {it’s like lipgloss!} and it’s super blendable and buildable. I use it under my eyes and over any blemishes. 

To apply the concealer, I use my latest love, the beautyblender. Honestly, I was pretty hesitant to purchase this makeup sponge. Priced at $20, I figured I could find a similar one for a cheaper price. I did buy one at Target that was under $5 {thinking a makeup sponge is a makeup sponge, right?} and wasn’t thrilled with it. I broke down and purchased this hot pink beautyblender {available in other colors, too!} and I’m so mad at myself for wasting the money at Target! It blends the concealer so well and last the entire day. To use the blender, I wet the sponge and squeeze out any excess liquid. I apply the concealer directly onto my face {you can apply the concealer or foundation directly to the sponge, too} and “bounce” the blender across my face to create a flawless finish. I use THIS to clean my beautyblender, which can also be used for your makeup brushes. And it’s great for travel 馃檪 

Lastly, I set my makeup with this Bobbi Brown Sheer Pressed Powder in pale yellow all over my face. I haven’t really got into the contouring {I feel like it would look like I have streaks of makeup all over my face!} so I use the NARS Blush and Bronzer Duo instead. The blush can be bought separately {HERE, color is orgasm} and is a great color for most skin tones. I use THIS brush to set the pressed powder and THIS brush for applying the blush.

Since my hair and eyebrows are pretty light, I swear by this eyebrow powder in the dark blonde shade {it’s under $7!}. I use about three coats and apply it directly to my eyebrows after finishing the above foundation steps. I love that it only sticks to your eyebrows and not only does it fill the eyebrows in nicely, it really makes your eyebrows pop, especially if you have lighter hair like me. Also, it lasts FOREVER! I use THIS brush to apply the powder and THIS comb/brush tool {under $3}.

Finally, the last step! I will go through this section quickly since there are a lot of products and tools mentioned. I’ve also included each brush I use for application. This is my typical, everyday/workday eye makeup, that I may slightly deviate from depending on the day. It’s a super basic combination and easy to apply: 

I start off with THIS long-wear cream shadow base in the BONE color and I cover my entire eyelid, all the way up to my brow bone. This is like a foundation for your eyeshadow and keeps your eyeshadow on all day! I sometimes use it alone if I’m just out running errands. I highly recommend it!

 As an all-over color for my eyelid, I use THIS gold MAC eyeshadow {RETROSPECK}. It’s not super shimmery and is a great basic color. I use THIS brush to apply the all-over color on my eyelid

 I use THIS grey shade {HEATHER} for the crease with THIS brush.

I use THIS eyeliner on the top and bottom lids in the espresso ink color and apply with THIS brush. 

I highlight my eyebrow with THIS Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in the BONE color and use THIS brush {same as the brush for all-over color on eyelid}. 

I finish my eyes with THIS no smudge, long-wear, waterproof mascara.

Whew! Sorry for the long post! There are so many details to cover when it comes to makeup! Let me know if you have any questions and thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Beauty Queen Gift Guide

This week’s Wednesday Wishes is all about the beauty queen on your gift list. It seems like there are always so many choices when it comes to beauty products, it can almost be overwhelming! But today, I’ve compiled a list of a few items that are perfect for even the pickiest of beauty queens!

I have been searching for a curling wand that actually holds the curl in my hair for awhile now, and this may just be it! With three interchangeable barrels and the ability to self-regulate the temperature to prevent over or under-heating, this wand truly seems amazing! Have you ever tried any of the T3 curling wands? I would love to know about your experience! 

Another item that is on my wish list for Christmas is this makeup brush set. I have needed new brushes for awhile now {I seem to have a hodgepodge of brushes currently!} and I love that this set includes each and every brush you could possibly need! The pretty gold accents are just a bonus 馃檪

Do you have any beauty queens on your holiday gift list? I would love to hear if you have any ideas for them in the comments section below!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!




Happy Thursday! I am so excited to share Beautycounter, a skin care and cosmetic line, with you today. For me, skin care and cosmetics have always been difficult. I have super fair, dry and sensitive skin. What a combination! Over the years, I have tried countless beauty products that are “designed” for my skin type. It’s very rare that I actually find something that does not cause a reaction or leave my skin feeling terrible. 

I was recently introduced to Beautycounter and was so intrigued by their concept. Their mission is “to get safe products into the hands of everyone.” The risk of serious health issues and diseases are on the rise and much of this can be attributed to toxic chemicals. At Beautycounter, they have banned more than 1,500 ingredients in an effort to set a new health and safety standard in the industry. It’s shocking to think that the United States has not passed legislation regulating the ingredients in personal care products since 1938! While Beautycounter is very particular about their ingredients, the quality of the products remains high. After years of using a myriad of products and having numerous reactions, I am beginning to question if the toxic chemicals could be part of it.

The first product I want to share with you is the Lustro Face Oil 1. This best-selling oil is super lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly, making for the perfect primer or even for use at night. I find myself using it at night because I love the floral smell. This oil is ideal for sensitive skin like mine and leaves your face feeling hydrated and soft. 

The Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer is also a great product, and especially useful for the summer months with it’s SPF 20. I love finding a foundation that not only is a moisturizer but also has protection from the sun. The one thing I hate more than anything when it comes to foundation is the feeling of heaviness, as if the foundation is plastered to your face. Dew Skin is anything but that — it’s lightweight and leaves your skin with a glow that provides just enough coverage.

Lastly, the Hydrate Everyday Body Lotion is literally the best lotion I have ever tried. I’m the type of person that actually gets dried and cracked skin in the summer. Yes, my skin is that dry! Because of my super dry and sensitive skin, I’m always looking for a lotion that not only can hydrate my skin, but also not cause an allergic reaction. I know the theme of today’s post has been “soft skin” but I honestly cannot believe how soft my skin was after just a week of using this lotion. The lotion smells of delicious citrus and mint, which is addicting in and of itself! I’ve been using this day and night, so I think it’s safe to say I am hooked! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Brought to you by Beautycounter. All opinions are my own.